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R&D & Manifacture

The Research & Development unit of Swiss4med is in charge of the planning and design of new products, and the development of existing products and technologies used in manufacture of the latter. The efforts of staff working in this unit are focussed on identifying new solutions with the aim of strengthening the range of products offered by Swiss4med, including OEM and ODM products, to fully meet market demands and become increasingly competitive.

The Manufacture unit represents the linchpin of Swiss4med activities. Technologically advanced, the unit is equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure clients receive a high quality end product. Particular care is taken with details, notably those relating to personalization of the product. The ability to provide the client with a purpose-designed product that meets all required specifications, together with the flexibility of the production process, are the key factor in the success of this unit. All work is carried out as a team effort in conjunction with the Research & Development unit through a strong biunivocal relationship. High professionality and excellent technical skills distinguish our operators in the field, once again underlining how people are the main driving force of Swiss4med.