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hydro4and Medical Device


Hydroelectrophoresis, the market leader in transdermal vehiculation techniques, has been applied over the last 15 years by numerous medics in the fields of andrologic and urologic therapies with excellent results. The method consists in combining one or more active substances - medicines - (that may be in a liquid, powder, capsule or tablet form) in a special gel (hydro4gel™) with the aim of maintaining the molecules of the active substances in a suspension. A patented specific electromagnetic wave equation dispensed by the device will come into contact in a special polarization chamber (ROLL-ON) with the gel containing the active substances, capturing the latter and transporting them through the intact skin to a depth previously set on the device, ranging from a few millimetres to more than 10 centimetres, without damaging the skin, and therefore removing any possibility of complications associated with injections.

The aim is to transport the active substances into the interstitial cells, thereby creating a tangible pharmacological reserve. The cell receptor will subsequently introduce the active substance into the cell. An immediate therapeutic response is thus achieved - as the medicinal product reaches the affected site more rapidly – combined with a local, non-systemic action that markedly limits the onset of secondary effects of the medicinal product. Moreover, use of this method enhances the bioavailability of the medicinal product.

hydro4and Medical Device

Practicable medicinal products / active substances

All medicinal products and active substances are suited for use, as long as they are water soluble, as they will be need to be combined with the special gel (hydro4gel™), irrespective of their formulation which, as mentioned previously, may be a liquid, powder, capsule or tablet form.This aspect will allow you to use the medicinal products and active substances that you have previously tested and trust

 Fields of application

This method lends itself to a vast number of fields of application, particularly due to the fact that the type of medicinal product to be used is identified on the basis of the condition to be treated. It should be underlined that this method implies the use of chemical treatment: the therapeutic action is produced by the medicinal product. The electric waves emitted by the device do not exert a therapeutic action – as, for example, in the case of electrostimulators – but merely serve to transport the molecules.


The main fields of application are:

  • Peyronie's disease
  • Prostatitis
  • Urinary incontinence


Advantages of the method

  • Marked decrease in the adverse effects produced by the medicinal product
  • Certainty that the active substance will reach the affected site
  • Longer duration of pharmacological action
  • Remarkable speed of action
  • Higher local concentration of the medicinal product
  • Lower quantities of the medicinal product required
  • Optimisation of the cost-benefit ratio of the therapeutic action


hydro4and Medical Device